Our Process


First Stage:

  • Provide information about our Intervention Services / Process
  • Phone Intake – requiring information on members of the intervention group and general information regarding the person of interest.
  • Determination re the type of Treatment needed
  • Process payment for Intervention Services 

Second Stage:

  • Setting dates, time of meeting (conference call, pre-intervention and intervention)
  • Conference call(s) – with members of the intervention group
  • Arrangement of Treatment services – (e.g. Detox, Rehab, Outpatient, Counselling)

Third Stage - Pre-Intervention:

  • Pre-intervention group meeting – (location set in conference meeting)
  • Extensive preparation & PowerPoint Presentations
  • Transportation development plan for admittance to Treatment

NOTE: The majority of the work in an Intervention is done during the Pre-Intervention. If done properly, the actual intervention is usually  very quick (within 20 minutes normally), because every contingency has been planned and accounted for in the Pre-Intervention.

Fourth Stage - The Intervention:

  • Pre-meeting – debriefing, final run through, setting rules
  • Arrival of Individual with substance use issues
  • Intervention proceess

Fifth Stage - The Intervention:

  • Transportation into Treatment
  • Follow up support / Contact – Family & Treatment provider
  • Referral services for support system
  • Post Treatment planning (what happens after the individual finishes Treatment)   


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