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If you or someone you know in Vancouver is struggling with addiction, you will need reliable information on what steps you can take. The most important first step you can take to help a loved one is to hold an intervention.

What’s Involved in an Alcohol Intervention?

The following are some terms Vancouver residents may come across when thinking about an intervention:

 Planned confrontation. An intervention is best defined as a planned confrontation with the person addicted to alcohol.

Safe, secure environment. The group of persons involved with the alcohol intervention must agree to create a secure and controlled situation, where they can express the mental suffering and psychological pain caused by the individual’s drinking. Support is offered through detox, rehab and counseling options.

 The goal. An intervention is intended to bring the drinker to realize his or her problem and to seek professional help.

 Outcome. The best outcome is to have an alcohol individual understand how his or her behavior is affecting him or herself and others. The individual will see reasons and motivation for change.

 Rehab. The difficulties and complexities of addictive behavior mean that the best option for recovery is treatment from a quality rehab center, where trained specialists can support and guide the patient toward wellness.

Kinds of Alcohol Interventions for Vancouver Residents

There are two primary kinds of interventions Vancouver residents can choose from. In the first type, the Johnson Intervention, the goal is to break down through the “denial” of the addict and present the reality of the situation in a way they can understand.

A second type of intervention acknowledges that some addicts may not respond to the kind of direct approach of the Johnson model. All interventions share the goal of moving the addict to admit a need for help.

Intervention Specialists for Vancouver Residents

Because the intervention is often a moment fraught with tension, conflict and fear, Vancouver residents should consider employing a trained interventionist whose job is to facilitate the Intervention in a helpful and healthy manner. The following is true about interventionists:

 They have the experience to anticipate the questions and objections of the addict

 They can assist family and friends in expressing concerns

 They have knowledge of available resources such as rehab centers

 They can enhance communication between the addict and the members of the intervention group

If things go off the rails, the interventionist has the skills to re-set the tone.


The Basics of an Alcohol Intervention for a Vancouver Resident

During an intervention, much depends on the particular situation of the addict. Despite differences in personality, environment and addiction, the following are several basic goals to any intervention:

 Communicate to the addict how his or her behavior affects lives in Vancouver and elsewhere

 Present reasons for quitting that appeal to the quality of life among friends and family members as well as the quality of life of the individual

 Present objective information about the effects of alcohol and drugs on the body

 Offer resources including specific rehab centers and programs

Full recovery from addiction is possible, and rehab in a dedicated center with trained staff is beneficial. As you consider an Intervention, research rehab centers and investigate the methods and philosophies to find an appropriate facility. We can help with suggestions of suitable facilities if requested.

Addiction Recovery and Interventions for Vancouver Residents

If your loved one in Vancouver is struggling with addiction, we are here to help. For more information about staging an intervention, finding an interventionist or selecting a rehab program, call our toll-free helpline. We are here 24 hours a day to help you in any way we can. Together we can get your loved one the help he or she needs.

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